I am running for Alameda County Board of Education Trustee Area 1 because I want our District to be a place where all children have an equal opportunity to have high quality education, all students are taught to enjoy learning not that they have to. As a parent I know what kind of environment requires for students to become lifelong learners. I attended Schools in Bangladesh, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and USA including UC San Diego & Lincoln University being founder of a nonprofit educational institute and a for profit Software company and accounting firm in Berkeley I have the diverse background to understand all the stakeholders in Alameda County Board of Education.

My three children currently attend Berkeley public institutions. Having a Ph.D. in Computer Science and training in Teaching & Learning in higher education I have the skill, experience and commitment to ensure that we use our resources efficiently. I will listen to all stakeholders and will incorporate their suggestion in the decision making process. Together we can achieve impossible. If elected I will work to have a safe, fun and friendly environment for our children to be successful including special need students. My goal is to facilitate practical oriented curriculum for our children to be ready to go to college or enter into workforce and live a productive life.